Cargo:PAI Wetware

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Purchasing data
PAI Wetware
Average price 12500
Mass 0.5 (metric ton)
Space requirements 0.5 (cubic meter)


Pseudo-Artificial Intelligence. PAIs are wet-ware embedded in hardware - genetically engineered brain-in-boxes that distribute the tasks of thinking between the organic and inorganic components. Commercial PAIs are almost universally designed as idiot-savant systems, capable of limited self-motivation and direction, easy to manipulate, but capable of extraordinary problem solving power for the problems they were designed for and trained to assault. PAIs tend to be able to present more natural user interfaces than the expert systems they compete with, tending to be at least vaguely self-aware, and much more responsive to and on emotional levels. In particular, niche market and custom built models are limited only by legislation requiring that entities surpassing a specified set of standardized metrics cannot be considered property, and must be registered as either custom children or custom dependent employees. While the difference is clear for low end models, standards aside, most will agree that the line between a high-end PAI and a designer cyborg human is exceptionally blurry.