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There are several projects for translating text in the game VegaStrike and its documentation. Currently known projects are listed here (please provide your project if it is not specified here).

(Main FIXME Note: I do not have deep knowledge of any of these projects ... this information was largely gleaned from the forum, and I made assumptions about who is and is not on the team. Please check this information and add status of the project, where applicable.)

Spanish translation


  • Mantainer: MC707
  • Team Members:
    • Currently None.
  • Status: In progress.

French translation


Before translating, we'll try to internationalize Vega Strike (with gettext), to facilitate the translation work and maintenance.

Italian translation

In-Game Translation

Website | Forums Thread

  • Team Members:
    • ThN1saHead
    • Mikispag
  • Status: Approx. 45% done

German translation

Documents tranlsation

De:Vegastrike | Forums Thread

  • Status: Actively translating VSWiki Manual. See De:Handbuch.
  • Finished:
    • Dedication, Introduction, Aims of the Developers,
    • Installation: Installing VS, Save and Load, Launcher, Configuring VS
    • Tutorial, New Users Guide

Game translation

Forums Thread

  1. Plueschinger is translated the master parts list and the missions.
  2. rockstar (and his mama) translated the bartender conversations. He started to translate the communications between the pilots.
  3. To Megatherion finished the conversation of the pilots.
  4. So just the news are not translated.
  5. We wrote an installation script for Linux-users.
  6. You can download all the german files here, man kann alle Dateien, um Vegastrike in deutsch zu spielen hier downloaden:
  1. We are planning to write an installation script for windows users and a script, which can change the languages, where you can choose your preferred language.
  2. Everyone else is waiting for better translation infrastructure (hoping to benefit from the experience of the other transl. teams)
  3. Some people think that the manual should be finished first (at least the "essentials")
  4. Team is way too small, more participants needed

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