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Andolian Protectorate

Faction data
Andolian Protectorate
Species Human, Klk'k and Purth
Homeworld (Origin) Various
Capital Kubernan

The Andolian Protectorate refers specifically to a government.


All Andolians are members of the Andolian Protectorate, not all members of the Andolian Protectorate are Andolians. In particular, there are Klk'k, Purth, and non-Andolian human citizens of the Protectorate (the non-Andolian humans mostly being non-integrationist members of annexed entities or yet to be integrated immigrants to the Protectorate from other polities). Andolians, being the dominant faction within the Protectorate, are good indicators of how the Protectorate will act.


The Andolian Protectorate was created by the Andolians as the political entity controlling both Andolian and Klk'k interests. During the formation of the Confederation, there was some consolidation of minor factions, bringing an influx of non-Andolian humans into the Protectorate (an extremely small minority of the human population born into the Protectorate remains non-Andolian - less than 1% of the total human population). Many Klk'k are more accurately considered Andolian at present (in ideological adherence), but the integrated Klk'k are a distinct minority of the total Klk'k population, which is ideologically more diverse.