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Interstellar Socialist Organization

Faction data
Interstellar Socialist Organization (ISO)
Species Humans
Homeworld (Origin) Earth
Capital Somewhere in Forsaken space.

Undoubtedly one of the oddest memegroups, the Interstellar Socialist Organization (ISO) seeks to return back to the workers of the inhabited galaxy control over the means of production. Notwithstanding the fact that this has more or less happened in some other memegroups, nor that some others no longer have an economy where this arrangement is coherent, the ISO still seeks to have everyone join their utopian dream.

What the ISO lack in numbers they attempt to make up for in determination. Unhappy with the dominant free-market capitalist process employed in the majority of human space, the ISO have turned to less savory methods to achieve their goals. Being primarily a paramilitary group, they now focus on industrial sabotage and political destabilization efforts. Although they heavily shy away from excessive civilian body-counts, never resorting to anti-civilian terrorism, they do try to suborn the citizens of the Confederation at every turn.

With no active control over any planets or industrial sectors, their resources have been limited. And although they do share a few co-dominant meme planets, mainly within Forsaken space, their infrastructure remains minimal and most of their equipment and ships must be acquired, purchased or stolen from outside suppliers.

  • For example, the Sickle and Hammer ship designations are post-facto nicknames applied to ships formerly known as the Goose and the Toad respectively, before significant ISO acquisition and usage.

Economic backing, what of it there is, comes primarily out of various ISO communities in Forsaken space and locally targeted resources funneled from other groups who benefit from destabilizations in various regions of Confed space. The ISO survives because they have been long perceived as more a nuisance than a dire threat, and because the Confed has been unwilling to expend the political capital necessary to undertake such large scale military operations in Forsaken space, especially considering the longstanding bitterness of the Forsaken has held for the Confed.

Due to prompting from major factions intensely opposed to their economic vision, the confederacy has banned membership in this memegroup.

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