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Faction data
Species Klk'k
Homeworld (Origin) Ktah
Capital Ktah

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The Klk'k are an erstwhile client race of the Andolians, but enjoy exceptional freedom within this position. Indeed, while fiercely loyal to their Andolian benefactors, there exist a non-trivial number of independently operated Klk'k economic and political entities, infrastructure, and vessels. The Klk'k are perhaps best known among other groups for their odd brand of twisted humor.


The Klk'k had a level of technology roughly equivalent to 21st century Earth when they were discovered by the Lightbearer faction. The Lightbearers, believing themselves A) evolutionarily superior to all other species and factions, and B) considering the vaguely anthropomorphic Klk'k bodyplan an insult to the ideal of the human form, made little note of this fact and proceeded to enact harsh subjugation on the Klk'k. Not long after this subjugation began, the Andolians stumbled across the situation. Perceiving the Klk'ks' level of advancement in both culture and technology, the Andolians decided they could not permit their enslavement by the Lightbearers. Though the Andolians had only a small squad of exploration craft, they defeated the spacecraft supporting the Lightbearer subjugation force by using their own evacuated vessels as weapons. Information on human polities, dispositions, and communication devices brought by the Andolian crew, lead by Anders Hoshino, would give impetus to what became known as the Hoshino Uprising, whereby the Klk'k overwhelmed the ground-based Lightbearer forces. In an unexpectedly spiteful move, the Lightbearers forces on Ktah launched all of their available nuclear weapons when it became clear they weren't going to be able to hold onto the planetary surface, devastating the Klk'k population. The Ktah Restoration Project, enacted to counter the damaging effects of the barrage, occupied a significant portion of Andolian resources early in the Fraternal War.

The nature and scope of the Lightbearer actions on Ktah are widely held as the key events leading to the Fraternal War between the Andolians and Lightbearers, and the formation of the Andolian Protectorate as the entity governing both Andolian and Klk'k affairs.

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