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(Vega Strike) Upon The Coldest Sea

See the Development section of the wiki for changing the Vega Strike dataset itself.

MODs based in the Vega Strike universe

VSU: Black Paralysis

Homepage | Forum

Black Paralysis is set in the Vega Strike universe. You are a dockyard worker on a Confederate research base. At least, that's who you used to be. Now the future of the Confederacy, and even your own survival, are no longer assured. Be all you can be, or be nothing at all.

  • Maintainer:
  • Developer/Programmer: same as above :-)
  • Modeller/Artists: same as above :-)
  • Status:
    • not playable, incomplete dataset
    • Light development - Working towards a decent modding release for other potential modders to use to learn the engine. In parallel, developing a decent campaign for future implementation.
  • Help Required: A list of tasks is available upon request to help work towards the modding release. Help with any of these would be appreciated!

Fleet Commander


Fleet Commander is a modification for Vega Strike, making it a real time strategy game where you control a fleet of capital ships complete with their fighter complements.

  • Status: Planning, design document available

Privateer Universe MODs

Privateer Universe - Forum

Privateer Gemini Gold

Homepage | Forum

Back in 1993 Privateer was released as part of the Wing Commander series and became a great success in the gaming industry. Over 10 years later a small group of privateer enthusiasts reintroduced the game with a new graphic engine and real 3D spaceflight.

  • Status:
    • last modified in 2009

Privateer Remake

Homepage | Forum

Privateer Remake is at this stage a complex modification to Vega Strike based on the original privateer design and concept as an available stand-alone game. Due to the fact that the sourcecode is offered free to download it's a common named "open source" piece of software.

Wing Commander Universe MODs

Wing Commander Universe - Forum

Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident


Full Independent game with Full Story Arc ??(begin, middle and end)??. Utilizing the Vega Strike Engine

Late 2681. A new war is brewing. As old enemies become new allies. Steps are taking place to insure the survival of the Confederation from the new Nephilim threat. In a backwater system, deep in Confederation space, a secret project has begun that will revolutionize the way the Confederation fights war. However not everyone believes that this is the right course. Events are taking place that could change the face of the Confederation forever. Those that lived through it simply refer to it as The Wasteland Incident.

WCU: Wing Commander Universe

WCU Section of the VSWiki | Homepage | Forum

Wing Commander: Privateer Remake. The way fans always wanted it to be, Totally Unlimited!

Privateer Remake Homepage


Homepage | Forum

A Babylon 5 mod for Vega Strike

  • Maintainer:
  • Developer/Programmer:
  • Modeller/Artists:
  • Status
    • Under heavy development.
    • As you can see above etheral walker is (mostly) the only person working on this MOD so there are still ppl needed.
    • The main part of 3d work is done, the universe itself, planets, backgrounds and relations between systems is ok.
    • Some basic missions are on the way.
    • Some first music files are done, thanks to Kensuguro - Forum Artwork Thread

Vega Trek

Homepage | Screenshots | Forum

A Star Trek mod for Vega Strike or... The "first" mod for Vega Strike

  • Maintainer:
  • Developer/Programmer: PeteyG, or anyone else who wants to lend a hand
  • Modeller/Artists: Hellcatv, Flying Ace, Pontiac, anyone else who wanders along
  • Status: Under heavy (yet relaxed) development. Acquiring models, thinking about how to bring the Star Trek universe to Vega Strike.

Vega Wars

Forum download

A Star Wars-like modification for Vega Strike, two sets of 40 mission campaigns planned along with bounty hunter mode. Will possibly feature the best graphics seen using the vega-strike engine to date.

VegaScape (Pax Imperium: The Gathering)

A solo effort that will exist solely as an environment for me to learn how to mod Vega Strike, it is set to feature a well thought-out and involving, story-led campaign, as well as many varied sub-missions set in a fully dynamic universe (or so goes the theory).

  • Synopsis:
    • More information to follow shortly...
  • Maintainer:
  • Developer/Programmer:
    • Editing of the source code is not required (as this time).
  • Modeller/Artists:
  • Storylines/Missions:
  • Status:
    • Storyline Development.
    • Background Development.
    • Initial Starmap Planning.
    • Mission Planning.
    • Model Planning.

Pi Armada

Home download Forum

Strategic Mod for Vega Strike with tactical and combat view. Currently set in WC universe as a clone of Wing Commander Armada. This mod is a turn-based space strategy.

Elite Strike

MOD:Elite Strike

A mod for Vega Strike in the Elite universe.

Website | Forum Thread

Current Release: 0.0.1

  • Maintainer/Lead Developer:
  • Lead Artist:
  • Artists:
  • Music:
  • Status: Modelling and solid-color texturing all the original Elite ships, and a few from Frontier. Assembling music, new models, special config, and several other bells and whistles into a patch for Privateer Remake 1.0.

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