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Where are the Unadorned? The computer lovers? I don't think they are the Andorians since we see both as seperate factions in the game.

Well I noticed a lot more missing. So I added them all. They just need names and descriptions now. Delete any that shouldn't be here, but they are in the game so I don't see why they shouldn't go here. Notice the last one is a defunct meme. I think those should go here too? Are there other defuncts?

Okay, I came to the realization that not all of these should be considered Humanity Sub-Species. Instead groups like the Homeland Security are dominant Meme groups that are probably composed of mainly of Purist but might also include Mechanists, Andolians and others. So I'm going to create a Dominant Meme grouping and move those human factions that don't have dramatic physical changes under it.

smbarbour - I'm not sure the Mechanists really fall under Humans. After all the full faction name is "Mandate for Corporeal Perfection via the Abandonment of Flesh"