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VSD (Vega Strike Damage unit)






Old Data

[C] - Index
    * Cloaking - Link
          o xxx
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Stealth_technology
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Camouflage
    * Cloaking-Device - Link
          o xxx
          o See also: VsManualCombat#Cloaking-Device

[E] - Index
    * Earth - Link
          o Category: Planets/Homeworlds
          o Homeworld of the Human species.
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Earth
[F] - Index
    * Flak - Link
          o short for german word "Fliegerabwehrkanone"
          o xxx
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Antiaircraft_missile
          o anti aircraft/spaceship weapon

[G] - Index
    * Gravity - Link
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Gravity
          o xxx

[H] - Index
    * Heat-Seeking-Technology - Link
          o RLD: WikiPEdia:Guidance_system -> "Optical guidance"
          o See also #Missile

[I] - Index

    * Identification Friend Or Foe -> #IFF
    * IFF - Link
          o Short for "Identification Friend Or Foe"
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Identification_friend_or_foe
          o See also #Missile
    * Image-Recognition-Technology - Link
          o Short: "Imrec"
          o xxx
          o See also #Missile
    * Inertial-Compensators - Link
          o Wikipedia:Inertial_compensator (not an RLD)
          o xxx
    * Insystem-Jump - Link
          o You can use some Jumppoints to jump from one side of an system to another.
You can recognise them by their name. It points to the same system you are currently in.
          o See also VsManualInterstellarWarpTransit
    * Insystem-Travel - Link
          o #Insystem-Travel is a normally used to describe the travel inside a star-system (like #SOL)
          o Traveling bewteen starsystems is commonly called #Interstellar-Warp-Transit
          o See also the #SPEC Drive
          o See also: VsManualAdvancedFlight
          o See also: VsManualMatchVelocity

[L] - Index
    * Laser-Weapons - Link
          o Category: Weapons
          o RLD: Link
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Laser
          o Laser types
                + pulsed laser
                + beam laser

[P] - Index
    * Particle-Weapons - Link
          o Category: Weapons
          o Weapons which use very small projectiles, usually sub-molecular, but in very
large quantities per shot.
    * Pause - Link
          o RLD: To cease or suspend an action temporarily.
          o RLD: link
          o In Vegastrike you can 'pause' the whole time/space-continuum in
singleplayer-mode by pressing the assigned key for pause.
                + See also VsManualKeyboardLayout#Game-Commands
                + See also VsManualGameplayFunctions#Pause

[S] - Index
    * SOL - Link
          o Category: Planets/Homeworlds
          o RLD: The latin name for the sun in the human homesystem.
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Sol
          o See also #Solar-System
    * Solar-System - Link
          o Category: Planets/Homeworlds
          o RLD: The human homesystem.
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Solar_system
          o terms also used: "SOL-System"
          o Sometimes also referred to as #SOL though this is the name of it's central star.
    * Space - Link
          o RLD: That which is between objects of interest.
          o A rather large, dark, and primarily empty expanse where, contrary to one’s initial
fears, one is exceptionally unlikely to be eaten by a grue.
          o The void in which one must travel if one does not wish to spend ones existence
wandering around the underdeveloped worlds of minor political entities.
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Space#Astronomy
    * Space-Travel/Faring - Link
          o Space Travel is the physical exploration of outer-homeplanet objects and generally
anything that involves the technologies, science, and politics regarding space endeavors.
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Space_travel

[T] - Index
    * Tachyon - Link
          o RLD: A hypothetical subatomic particle that always travels faster than the speed of light.
          o RLD: link
          o RLD: WikiPedia:Tachyon
    * Tachyon-Weapons - Link
          o Category: Weapons
          o xxx
[W] - Index
    * WMD - Link
          o RLD: short for "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
          o Examples:
          o #Nuclear-Weapons



Dominant power generation technology

Taken directly from the Return of the Grab Bag: July 18th post by JackS (2004).

The dominant power generation technology, by far, is fusion based. Systems which can do multi-pass fusion, that is, repeated fusions of base fuel into progressively heavier elements are not uncommon.

Not to be ignored, however, is the harnessing of naturally occurring fusion (stars) via solar orbit collectors and focal arrays.

More exotic sources of power generation, while a verdant playground for research institutions, are not in commercial use.

As for the transport of such energy, the most common distribution is via deuterium fuel pods (as gravitic control has advanced to the point where deuterium-deuterium fusion is no more difficult, given the existing tech base, than deuterium-tritium) Some exploration and military expeditions require higher density fuel, and make use of anti-matter for energy storage and utilize special generators designed to re-harness the energy stored therein from matter-anti-matter reactions. Solar based collectors tend to transmit via microwave to rectenna farms, or to directly power attached facilities.

Portable hardware, of the personal variety, tends to rely on either body-heat powered thermo-electrics (for worn low-power items) or refill-capable simple chemical fuel cells geared either towards the generation of electricity, or the direct harnessing of hydrogen for use by the hardware in question.

On planet transmission of power from the point of generation tends to involve wire based transmission over (happily, more reasonable temperature range than exist today) superconducting cables, excepting where loss of efficiency due to (tight) beamed transmission in an atmosphere is deemed preferable to the aesthetic unpleasantness of providing room for the electrical grid

Fuel cell technologies are centered around cheap and readily renewable sources of hydrocarbon, such as ethanol, methane, etc. They are used, however, only in smaller applications, such as batteries would tend to be used for today, as even a small heat producing fission pile or pulsed-fusion plant will significantly outperform one. For those needing truly long-lasting power, there are anti-matter based trickle batteries, but they are often not applicable, as they represent a (secondary) radiation hazard for prolonged personal use. Emergency use, however, is unlikely to cause any lasting effects. Non-organics, or those appropriately secured against said radiation hazards may freely use such devices for as long as the device produces power.



PSEUDO DISCLAIMER Some of these terminology may not reflect the real world (TM) so don't blame us if you use this for your diplom/final exam ;-)

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