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The Aera homeworld was, prior to changes imposed by the technological advancement of the Aera, a nearly seasonless planet with an oxygen-nitrogen-neon atmosphere, on whose surface were a single large landmass and many large and small islands. The mainland was nearly entirely covered with jungles and marshgroves, with only small belts of more sparsely overgrown land on the northern and southern reaches of the continent. The rich jungle land was home to all sort and manner of parasites, predators, diseases, and competitors for food. It was in this vast, dark jungle that the Aera arose into sentience, tool use, and civilization.


Aeneth is a Biosimple planet with 130% of earth gravity and with more islands than continent. It consists of 85% water. The Aera Homeworld system is ORANGE SUN. Aeneth is the 9th planet (The system has 3 giant gas).

Being a homeworld, like all other homeworlds, the planet is heavily protected. There is a lot of military installation such as military station, fortress, fighter barracks.