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Entertainment standards vary wildly between the factions and species.


  • The #Andolians and (albeit to a lesser degree and less focused on group aspects) the #Mechanists tend to engage in immersive group fantasy-reality excursions via their links.
  • For the #Andolians, a 3-d holo-interface is remarkably retro.
  • The #Unadorned tend towards complex logic-puzzle games.
  • The #High-Born and #Merchants have spawned countless descendants of poker and monopoly.
  • The #Shapers are not much given to traditional gaming, but are known to spend time working with virtual pet simulations.
  • The #Purists enjoy all manner of games over 3-d holo and tactile response interfaces or in more traditional formats.


The most popular games the Rlaan play seem to involve judging each others' efforts at creating video montages from stock footage of public service announcements and setting them to Rlaan pop-music in real-time, cross-cutting between myriad songs and clips to stretch the performance into dozens of minutes.


The Aera limit their gaming to tactical and strategic simulations and sports tournaments.


The #Uln have a distinct preference for sexually explicit courtship simulations played on full tactile rigs. Running a close race for second are sales of Event Security and fight club simulations... also played on full tactile rigs.