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Homeworld of the Klk'k. The largest recorded survived nuclear exchange (a handful of incidents, including the notable sectarian dispute in the "Church of Scientography Reborn, reformed" resulted in case studies in M.A.D.) occurred on the planet Ktah during the Lightbearer occupation. Upon realizing their imminent defeat during the Hoshino uprising, the Lightbearers detonated a series of nuclear devices that were responsible, in the short-term, for 400+ million Klk'k deaths, and, in the long term, for over a billion more. Had they had them available, the Lightbearers would likely have used much dirtier devices, salting the entire planet, and almost certainly rendering the Klk'k effectively extinct. However, the only devices they had brought with them were laser induced pure fusion devices tuned for beachheadding rather than for salting. Nevertheless, the resurrection of Ktah stalled the Andolian war effort far more than any Lightbearer defenses, allowing time for the Lightbearers to prepare. Absent this time, the war would have been even more lopsided and swift than it was.