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SPEC is an acronym for "Spatial Partitioned Expansion-Contraction (drive)"

Short description

SPEC drives are the primary means for rapid in-system transit. These drives enable travel at very high, potentially supraluminal, effective speed from one point to another. Aside from limited exploratory and military use, SPEC drives are not used for interstellar transit, as jump points are vastly superior options in both time and energy investments.

Though taking advantage of operating principles similar to the Jump Drive the SPEC drive is a far newer invention. While it may take weeks to months to transit between systems with a SPEC drive, the military applications for bypassing the fixed defenses around Jump Points and vastly increased fleet mobility have deeply influenced military doctrine. Likewise, the SPEC drive has allowed for some minimal, if highly sporadic, due to costs, contact to be regained with some colonies not in the Jump Network. Most importantly, the development of SPEC drives ushered in an era of expansion that has only recently slowed.

How to use the SPEC-drive in Vega Strike

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