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You may update my ToDo list... but you may not give me more work. ;)

Working On

  • Round out dummy units with mount points, engine placements, etc. where missing (Working on this with Loki)

To Do

Roughly prioritized based on prominence in game, the amount of work they will take, and whether or not they really, really just need to be in the release (read: ALL strangelet models)

Definitely need to get done before the release

  1. Make HUD images for all new units
  2. Redo commerce center + add faction textures - Strangelet

Would be nice to have done for the release

  1. Figure out what's going on with the "specmap" for Hyena. Is this really a faction texture/damage map?
  2. Check specmap for Hawking
  3. Watson Replacement - Fendorin
  4. Small Aeran outpost - Fendorin (commit as Weapons_Platform__Aera)
  5. H496 - Fendorin (Approved by JackS)
  6. Charillus - Fendorin (Approved by JackS, but art style is non-canonical)
  7. Entourage - Fendorin (approved by JackS in forum)
  8. Lemma - Nózmájner (Canonical. I might have to generate some serious LODs, it has 1600 faces!)
  9. New HUD images for Planets - JackS
  10. Turrets - Strangelet
  11. Midwife turret - Fendorin
  12. Clean up or redo HUD images for fendorin's ships (to get rid of pink border)
  13. General cleanup (Gas mine - Furniture texture is not applying to dock, something is wrong) - Strangelet

Can probably wait until after the release

  1. Proposed andolian distributed fortification - Fendorin (JackS is not sure)
  2. University - Targon (faction or University planet type)
  3. Marsh base - Oblivion (jackS, what planet is this for? Marsh?)
  4. Generic base 2 - Oblivion (not sure how to implement a second generic base unless it's for a faction)
  5. Forsaken arid base - Oblivion (Complex, will take a lot of work.)
  6. Aeran asteroid base subunits - Ryder P. Moses (I'm putting this off because it's HARD! Any help would be appreciated.)

Waiting for artist


Closed cases

  • Inachiel and iridia (committed as GTIO and Dirge) - Strangelet
  • Dock furniture (got it! turns out to be an artist resource, and part of the gas mine) - Strangelet


These have been put on the back burner for now, unless someone else volunteers to work on them.

  • Planet testing mission (Commited as a WIP) - JackS
  • Write HowTo:Make Bases (deferred until I finish all my VS bases)
  • Generic base (factionalize or use as some sort of forest base?) - Cisst
  • Cherryh station (UV mappings and texture lost in disk crash. Check with devs. Possibly get model from Zaydana and see if Oblivion or someone could retexture it for us.) - Zaydana & Strangelet (jackS says this is a unique artifact, and therefore currently difficult for us to showcase)
  • Hoffman blobs (lost in disk crash, check with devs if they have it) - Strangelet (would probably look like crap pre-OGRE anyway)
  • more testing missions, including per-faction - JackS (Faction skin testing mission committed as WIP)
  • variants of the shipyard with partially completed ship models as subunits - JackS would like this a lot ;)



  • Splash screens - Oblivion (Fraternal War pic, Jackal concept pic, Shaper headshot pic, and Shmrn Medical Consortium are under consideration, perhaps as eyecandy between loads if possible. Committed by JackS.)
  • Commit dummy CSV units for all models I'm planning to import (Loki did this, thanks!)