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  • Callsign: Turbo
  • Why did you pick this callsign? There are two speeds in combat: stopped, and as fast as you can go. Unless you run into something, going fast keeps you alive.
  • Favorite quote: I prefer to work behind the scenes. The rewards are almost as great, and the risks far less. (Londo Mollari, Babylon 5)
  • Favorite VS ship and why: stock Lancelot with razors, ktek beams, and cloak; it has a great balance of speed and firepower which is essential to my flying style
  • Name of your ship? none, but I did make a highborn-inspired heraldic paint job:


  • Favorite trade cargo and why: AI Cores and Specialty Wines -- small package, big profit
  • Favorite type of mission: initially I trade on my own, and when I can afford the Lancelot I start taking bounties and clean sweeps
  • Favorite upgrade and why: overdrive, for reasons explained above, followed by the cloak, because it allows me to avoid fights for which I am not getting paid
  • What faction do you prefer to fight, and why? initially I take on the Luddites because everyone hates them, later the Aera because they offer a challenge. I don't seek to fight the Uln, but until I find a cloak I always end up having to splash hordes of their dodo ships
  • What's the coolest vehicle you have sailed, driven or piloted in real life? US Army M1A1 Abrams tank

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