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Hello and welcome to my user space!

The old php wiki needs to me merged into this one.

I'll start moving the old Database.

Sections to move:

  1. [done] VsManualDbTimeline - Timeline of the Vegastrike universe.
  2. VsManualDbTerms - Specifiy terms/items used in the Vegastrike universe.
  3. VsManualDbFactions - The various factions in Vegastrike.
  4. [done] VsManualDbSpecies - The various species in the Vegastrike universe.
  5. [obsolete] VsManualDbShips - Ships Database - Descriptions of the ships seen in Vegastrike.
    (These pages show only statistical data for each ship extracted from game files. Those have been changed by now and are still subject to change.)
  6. VsManualDbShipUpgrades - Upgrades you can buy for your ship.
  7. VsManualDbShipWeapons - Weapons you can buy for your ship.