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Baron_concept.jpg (This image is preliminary concept art. For improvement suggestions you are advised to see the threads mentioned on the 3D Models

Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Uln
Known Major Variants: Jump-capable variant
Tenure of Service: Ancient
Utilization: Royal Ingatwa Fleet, Constabulary of the Sul-gatwa Celestial Domain, Pirates

Role Details
Role Summary: System patrol craft

Role Details: For a ship its size, the Baron might at first seem oddly lacking in heavy weaponry. However, noting the oversized engines, the orientation towards disabling, more than destructive weapons, and the sizeable cargo hold for impounding, it quickly becomes obvious how the craft has been used over the decades by both constabulary and pirate alike. While it doesn't sport many launch tubes, the Baron does have healthy missile stockpiles, and is well protected against disabling weaponry similar to its own that pirate groups or other undesireables might be expected to possess. Indeed, these vessels have been in service long enough, and the Uln government is corrupt enough that it isn't that strange a sight to see criminal groups in possession of presumed decomissioned Barons. However, all the optimizations that allow it, even in its dotage, to chase down fleeing vessels and interdict unlawful operations make it a lousy match against any real military vessel. Moreover, the Baron is becoming increasingly underprovisioned to deal with non-governmental groups using more modernized equipment than the Uln can afford to equip all of their system patrol craft with. This, alongside lingering resentment of the major powers, and corresponding ambivolence to groups hostile to said, has resulted in an increase in both (unoficially) sanctioned and unsanctioned "lawlessness" in Uln space.

Combat Behavior: Interdicts non-military hostiles (criminal/terrorist/pirate), engages recon forces, flees larger military craft