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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Uln (Sul-Gatwa Celestial Domain)
Known Major Variants: Missile ordinance varies widely
Tenure of Service: Modern
Utilization: Uln (Royal Ingatwa Fleet, Constabulary of the Sul-Gatwa Celestial Domain)

Role Details
Role Summary: Utility Fighter

Role Details: Uln military vessels have been greatly improved by the establishment of trade with the major powers. They still, however, tend to be much less impressive than their counterparts. The Baronet is more a utility fighter than a superiority fighter - it gets used in roles ranging from interceptor to assault, doing none of them exceptionally well, but none of them exceptionally poorly. This is important for the Uln, who are often strapped for resources. The Baronet derives its versatility from relying heavily upon its missile loadout for offensive impact. Acceleration curves are good, and armoring and shields are sufficient for surviving fighter engagements, but at the cost of a limited energy surplus, requiring much lighter non-missile weapons than would otherwise be preferred.

Combat Behavior: Engages small craft, preferentially interceptors and other fighters