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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Andolians
Known Major Variants: None
Tenure of Service: Recent
Utilization: Andolian Protectorate, Andolian detachments of Confederation Navy

Role Details
Role Summary: Torpedo Bomber

Role Details: The design goals of the Goddard class were heavily influenced by data gathered from the Rlaan-Aera conflict, namely data on Aeran fleet organization and tactics. Lighter assault craft were deemed insufficiently likely to survive engagements with the Aeran fighter escorts and defensive measures protecting Aeran capital vessels in a desireably cost-effective manner. As a side consequence of upsizing the planned vessel, thought was given as to equipping it with weaponry that, while unlikely to seriously injure capital vessels, was well suited to engaging the sub-capital vessels used by the Aera as strike craft. The larger frame also allowed for designers to explore a broader range of ordinance support, expanding the number of viable missions for the craft. Though nimble for its size, the Goddard is unsuited to fighter or interceptor roles, both because of performance and cost. While capable of being configured for holding non-trivial amounts of cargo within it's bowels, the Goddard is a purely military vessel, designed without any civilian use in mind.

Combat Behavior: Forms the offensive core of anti-capital missions performed by small craft. Assumes corvette-killer role when not deployed in larger groupings.

Comments: Arguably one of the most advanced human-built small craft, with a wide range of mission capabilities.
With robust power generation and distribution, as well as highly optmized cooling solutions, the Goddard can theoretically be armed with practically any combination of subcapital weapons available, including many experimental weapons.

The Goddard mounts twenty weapons points, and has the capability to mount two PD(long) turrets.

The weapons mountings for the Goddard are as follows:
4 heavy missile (Bays - multiple launch)
4 light
2 light/medium
2 capship-light
8 light/medium missle (racks - multiple launch)