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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Andolians (Originally - upgrades and revisions performed by other parties)
Known Major Variants: None
Tenure of Service: Ancient
Utilization: Forsaken, Uln, Pirates, Shmrn

Role Details
Role Summary: One of the oldest military designs in service, the Thales class "corvettes" are the result of several iterations of downgrading, decommissioning, and disbursement cycles moving craft down the power chain of polities.

Role Details:

Combat Behavior:

Comments: Originally of Andolian manufacture, these vessels date back to the warship building period following the end of the Andolian-Lightbearer conflict. Though proper capital vessels in their day, these ships, even massively overhauled, are more comparable to a modern heavy corvette and tend to be used as such by those who use them.