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thumb_arrow_up.png Beam
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It has long been known that lightweight, charged particles, while easy to accelerate, suffer greatly from electro-static bloom effects. However, it has also long been known that there's not much in the universe cheaper to obtain than lightweight, charged particles. Still, it's not your great-to-the-Nth-granddaddy's cathode ray tube. (It's a lot bigger than that).

Purchasing data
Particle Beam
Average price
Mass ( metric ton(s) )
Space requirements ( cubic meter(s) )
NOTE: Details from the Master Part List file.
Beam statistics
Particle Beam
Damage 250 (VSD/second)
Long Range Integrity (/1)
Phase Damage (VSD/second)
Range 67500 (meters)
Energy Usage Rate (MJ/second)
Beam Stability 1.5 (seconds)
Refire Delay 1.5 (seconds)