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当前的 Vega Strike Upon The Coldest Sea 特性

  • 15 species - 6 main species and 9 client species
  • 39 different powers, factions, or groups
  • Randomly generated universe which will vary with any new created game
  • More than 5700 different systems connected by an extensive jump network
  • 21 different planet types
  • More than 80 different ships in 230 varieties
  • Each ship gives you a unique individual flight feeling
  • Multiple-ship ownership
  • Three 3D cockpits
  • Around 10 different stations
  • 110 upgrade items
  • 190 weapons and turrets
  • 240 different cargo items
  • Exploration
  • Missions
    • Cargo trading
    • Patrol missions
    • Rescue missions
    • Combat missions
  • Dynamic news keeping you up-to-date with the progress of the universe
  • Dynamic progress of the universe with changing system ownership as the war progresses
  • Plenty of shoot 'em up action
  • Preliminary multi-player death-match (testing server only)



  • Per pixel specularity, glow, and damage (fades in when the craft gets damaged) maps
  • Detail textures (tiles that fade in when you get close to the ship, to add detail)
  • Planets with 3D atmospheres
  • Basic mesh animation (frame by frame)
  • Engine flares
  • Damage 'sparks'
  • Shields that glow where hit
  • Explosions


  • 3D positional sound (openAL)
  • Built-in sound and music server

Python (动态宇宙)

  • Simulated universe changes as you play, with the war resulting in lost/gained territory and ships, all tracked persistently
  • News events are generated to let the player follow these events
  • The players actions do affect the universe, and are also reported in the news
  • Missions are generated randomly according to the events around you

Python (基地)

  • 2D interactive bases, point and click

Python (任务)

  • fully scriptable campaign system, allows for the construction of linear (and not so linear) plots

基地 GUI

  • base gui allows for the viewing of news, ship stats etc ... and the purchase of new ships/upgrades and commodities


  • View faction relations and ship stats, and plot courses around the galaxy


  • Fully newtonian (well, with a couple of random relativity bits thrown in) flight model, compensated by a flight ai to allow provision of the traditional ww2 fighter feel
  • Cool stuff


  • 操作系统: Windows 2000之后, Linux, Mac Intel / PowerPC
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • 硬盘: 至少500MB空余
  • GPU: nVidia 6600 之后, ATI ??
  • 显存: 256MB
  • 带OpenGL支持的驱动

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