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Operating System List

Platform Operating System Version (Build) Download Method Functional Ram+Swap Vegastrike Version Username+caveats
Windows Windows Vista SP1 (6.0.6001.16659) SVN Download via TortoiseSVN Yes 1G+1G SVN Rev. 12496 programmerandrew
Windows Windows 7 M3 (6.1.6801) SVN Download via TortoiseSVN Yes- with caveats 1G+1G 0.5 & SVN Rev. 12496 programmerandrew + Extremely slow load and framerate on SVN
Windows Windows 7 x64 SVN Download via TortoiseSVN Partial 1G+1G 0.5.1 & SVN Rev. 13449 pheonixstorm + Crash reports on some Win7 64bit users. Possible fix
Windows Windows XP SP2 .exe installer Yes 1G+1G 0.5.0 Minthos
Linux Linux Ubuntu (8.10 Intrepid, 64-bit) .RAR Version, through VS homepage Yes - with caveats 1G+1G 0.5.0 MC707 + Minimal system requirements (except for graphics card). Only the vegastrike-64 binary works. vssetup, mesher and vegaserver do not seem to work. To change settings, modify vegastrike.config.
Linux Linux Ubuntu (8.10 Intrepid, 64-bit) SVN Download via Terminal Yes - with caveats 1G+1G SVN Rev. 12536 MC707 + Problems with Compiz. If you don't have compiz, don't worry. Otherwise, use an external application (like this) to temporarly disable compiz, then run normally.
Linux Gentoo 2008.0, x86_64 multilib (2.6.25-gentoo-r6 gcc 4.1.2) .rar from sourceforge Yes - with caveats 1G+1G 0.5.0 Minthos + Game works, vssetup works, installer doesen't quite work. No problem, just run the game from where you extracted the rar.
Linux Gentoo 2008.0, x86_64 multilib (2.6.25-gentoo-r6 gcc 4.1.2) svn linux from terminal Yes - with caveats 1G+1G 0.5.0 data and 12550 code Minthos + Compiles and runs with datafiles from 0.5.0 and the techniques directory added from svn. Noticed some texture missing, didn't test thoroughly.