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This article is a work in progress, and is intended to become a centralized list of what we want to see for the 0.5.0 release, how it can be accomplished, and who is planning to work on it.

General roadmap discussion should occur in the proper thread. The wiki talk page may be used for discussion and refinement of specific points, and conversations pertaining to the roadmap article itself.

0.4.4 Task List

Things required to be completed before release.

  • Units Related
    • Ensure all ships are correctly* fitted with new upgrades
    • Ensure that all upgrades are correctly sized and allocated resources
    • Add new ships as bfxm**, add stats for these*, and add to python*
  • Master Parts List Related
    • Finish vetting of new cargo lists*
    • Ensure that all bases and planets correctly use these cargoes and upgrades
  • Miscellaneous
    • Modify config performance settings to account for increased traffic**
    • Fix the mission problem with multiple identical targets, particularly a problem now with the additional traffic*
    • Final package to ship without launcher

** Can do with minimal amount of experience * Will require significant experience, or time investment

Things that would be nice, but will probably be left unless a volunteer contributes.

  • Redo planet types
    • Was planned to be a part of the economy stuff, but wasn't
    • Will need to get strangelet's planets in there too
  • Fine-tuning SPEC
  • Inter-system SPEC travel (without jump nodes)
  • Keyboard remap

0.5.0 Task List

Stuff that should get done before the release.

Aspects for consideration

Stuff that's under discussion and may coincide with the release.

Future additions

These will hopefully be implemented sometime in the future, probably after 0.5.0.

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