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This article is a work in progress, and is intended to become a centralized list of what we want to see for each release, how it can be accomplished, and who is planning to work on it.

General roadmap discussion should occur on the Developer Focus Forum. The wiki talk page may be used for discussion and refinement of specific points, and conversations pertaining to the roadmap article itself.



Road map to v0.4.4


Road map to v0.5.0


Road map to v0.6.0


Unscheduled Topics and Tasks


list of bugs included for this release:

Bugs reported through the forum:

  • In in system defend missions, the type of enemy ship didn't seem to display, it just had an extra space in the mission description (should have said Redeemer)
  • Javelin rockets cost 30,000 credits a piece. Should be more like 30 credits I think.
  • Finally, in the output after I quit, there were about 50 python traceback warnings about not finding a cultivator.stock entry in units.csv. maybe one should be added, although its probably not vital. Peace out all.




  • Make jump point wire frames HUD only. Allow for selective disabling/enabling of jump point wire frame representations via python.
  • New campaigns. Some to put you into different factions to start out with (and thus different systems/ships).
  • Flesh out storyline / Devise more story-based missions

Data and Artwork


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