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0.4.4 Task List

Things required to be completed before release.

  • Units Related
    • Ensure all ships are correctly* fitted with new upgrades
    • Ensure that all upgrades are correctly sized and allocated resources
    • Add new ships as bfxm**, add stats for these*, and add to python*
  • Master Parts List Related
    • Finish vetting of new cargo lists*
    • Ensure that all bases and planets correctly use these cargoes and upgrades
  • Miscellaneous
    • Modify config performance settings to account for increased traffic**
    • Fix the mission problem with multiple identical targets, particularly a problem now with the additional traffic*
    • Final package to ship without launcher

** Can do with minimal amount of experience * Will require significant experience, or time investment

Things that would be nice, but will probably be left unless a volunteer contributes.

  • Redo planet types
    • Was planned to be a part of the economy stuff, but wasn't
    • Will need to get strangelet's planets in there too
  • Fine-tuning SPEC
  • Inter-system SPEC travel (without jump nodes)
  • Keyboard remap