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Vega Strike Upon the Coldest Sea stable version 0.5.0 was released on 2008-04-24.

Rough Task List for 0.5.0 release Stuff that should get done before the release.


unsorted list in Sourceforge Bug Tracker

bugs fixed / to be fixed for this release:

  • Sol system (bases are moving too fast) [?, DONE]
  • graphics performance with nvidia cards when viewing planets/bases that fill the screen [safemode, DONE]


  • multi-player support alpha [ace123, DONE]



  • minor fixes [DONE]

Artwork and Data

  • Conversion of incomplete unit-art submissions from Masters repository [bgaskey, DONE]
  • Some new planet textures [pyramid, DONE]
  • Improved HUD shield and armor graphics [pyramid, DONE]
  • More communication message lines displayed for longer time [pyramid, DONE]
  • New cargo images [pyramid, DONE]
  • Planet HUD images for different planet types [pyramid, DONE]
  • Improved visuals for quit and pause button [pyramid, DONE]


  • readme, sys requirements, and installation instructions [ace123, DONE]
  • player guide [hellcatv, DONE]