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These handy scripts and tools are here to make your life easier. Please note that the official standard for support tools is:

Tool Author License Platforms Engine version Features User Manual
Mesher klauss GPL Posix, Win - CLI converter obj <-> bfxm <-> xmesh Mesher HowTo
UnitConverter OBJ->BFXM pyramid GPL all with
Python 2.5
- * convert obj to bfxm
*add and compress textures
* edit unit info
UnitConverter User Manual
CampaignEditor Daniel Aleksandrow GPL all with
Java SE 6
- create and edit campaigns -

Internal tools

Tools developed for Vega Strike

  • Mesher utility: Converts from/to Wavefront .obj+.mtl, xmesh(es), and BFXM file formats.
  • (Python) Conversion script for turning .xunit files into rows in units.csv format
  • 3ds2xml: (Perl) script for converting .3ds files into .xmesh format. Doesn't appear to do axis translation properly, known to be somewhat flaky.
  • [WIP] obj2obj converter (Perl, commandline) - Converts obj files to cockpit files. or extracts tag-data from the models. (At least that's what is planned, Testing under Win32/Linux. Pontiac)
  • Configuration Parser (file: objconv/ in vegastrike CVS, Python) - Goes through the source tree and produces a config file (pygrep.config at present) containing every variable *used* in game, every possible command to bind to keys, and every colour definition that can be specified. Still under development.
  • [WIP] OBJ to Vega Strike cockpit converter (obj2vs_cockpit_obj, Perl)

External tools

Plugins and scripts for external programs

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