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Texture Guidelines


The intention of this document is to give artists using the Vega Strike engine some suggested guidelines to follow in creating materials for models. These are not fixed rules, and those of you with experience will appreciate that some of these can be broken. For those of you who are unsure of Vega Strike's capabilities, this may be of use. If you haven't already, you may also wish to have a look at the corresponding model guidelines.

Note: If you wish to contribute a ship to the game Vega Strike, please see the 3D Models page and/or contact jackS. Texturing styles will be of extra importance in characterizing a ship.


FIXME Incomplete, unedited, inaccurate braindump:

Image maps ... bigger is better (as we can keep the originals and use scaled down if it's too big for current vid cards). .png or .jpg are supported (we prefer to receive .png so we don't lose quality through whatever, but if it's big it doesn't really matter).

We support specular, glow, damage, and normal maps ... I think that's it?

Don't limit yourself to black and white....colour is good!