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Drop Tanks for Fighters

I'm using Vega Strike Version 5.0 in Windows Vista. I bought a Robin light fighter, which I love to fly because of its great turning rate and decent acceleration. One thing I don't like about the Robin is that it's a gas hog. It's maddening that my starting Llama can fly across several systems to do a 'clean sweep' or 'patrol' mission, and then fly all the waypoints before landing, but my Robin not only has to make pit stops to get to the mission system, once it gets there it has to stop and refuel several times if there are more than 4 navpoints to scan. Okay, its understandable that a fighter woudln't have as much room for fuel/reaction mass as a cargo ship.

What I would like to see is a 'drop tank' like real-world fighter planes use to increase thier range. It could be classed either as cargo (it would need to be quite small to fit in the Robin's limited cargo space of 7 cubic meters) or as ammo, say to fit the light missile/medium missile racks.

Thanks, --Killerb 03:02, 31 July 2009 (UTC)