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 My Stuff

Hi! I go by the name of Halleck (or Fadookie in the commit logs).

I am the founder and maintainer of the Elite Strike mod.

I have been contributing to Vega Strike off and on since January 2005, helping however I'm able. My main role in the project is that of a content greasemonkey of sorts. I'm one of the people that's responsible for taking art submissions and massaging, coaxing, and occasionally beating them into a form that can be used in the game. I also do whatever odd jobs I can wrap my head around, including working on the windows installer for the 0.4.3 release and helping to adapt of all the new XML dialogue from Privateer Remake into Vega Strike.

An early job I was given was the task of inserting the Luddite Redeemer model into the game. There was no documentation on how to do this at the time and it was quite a struggle. I've written down everything I've learned about the proccess in HowTo:Add Ships. I'm making bases now and plan to do the same once I figure them out. I like to think I take good screenshots, a few of which can be seen on the main page. My (and others') advice on taking screenshots can be found at HowTo:Take Screenshots.

I'm not a programmer, although I know enough basic programming concepts to be able to hack on VS's Python modules a bit.

When not working on VS (which is more often than not,) I'm a film student, and make films in my free time for fun. In the future, I'd like to see if I can do some sort of video work for vegastrike, possibly for cinematics and certainly for gameplay videos.

If you want to contact me, keep in mind that I go by Fadookie on most networks.

Articles I've written