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thumb_arrow_up.png Beam
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The canonical example of shield-based weaponry, the disruptor beam is highly effective at disrupting the twisted maze of forces created by a shield generator, but entirely unequipped to trickle damage past a shield until the shield in question has already nearly faltered.

Disruptors, just like the shields they share most of their technological lineage with, interact violently with matter, making them poorly suited to use outside of vacuum. Fortunately for those on the receiving end of a disruptor blast, even a shield de-patterned to the point of collapse will mitigate a disruptor's effects on materials beyond the shield. Unfortunately for those on the receiving end of a disruptor, mitigate is not the same as eliminate. Those unfortunate enough to receive disruptor fire with no shield generator at all are usually at least fortunate enough that the shear forces kill them before they can notice.

This design is exceptionally popular among adherents to the trekkie religion, but its reliability and effectiveness make it nothing to scoff at.

Purchasing data
Disruptor Beam
Average price 45,000
Mass 0.01 ( metric ton(s) )
Space requirements 1 ( cubic meter(s) )
NOTE: Details from the Master Part List file.
Beam statistics
Disruptor Beam
Mount Medium
Damage 250 (VSD/second)
Long Range Integrity 0.85 (/1)
Phase Damage N/A (VSD/second)
Range 3,800 (meters)
Energy Usage Rate 2500 (MJ/second)
Beam Stability 0.4 (seconds)
Refire Delay 0.4 (seconds)