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Adding a bit more heft to the input stream than what is found in weapons termed particle beams, this weapon nonetheless operates on the same general principles. The electric charge of ionized plasma makes it particularly easy to compress and fire using simple magnetics. Deceptively simple in design, these weapons' cost comes from the inherent difficulty in making a stream of ionized plasma remain coherent after firing. In the last ten years, advances in this field have led to noted increases in the accessibility of ion beam weapons, and to a market glut of cheap knockoff brands.

Purchasing data
Ion Beam
Average price 16,000
Mass 0.01 ( metric ton(s) )
Space requirements 1 ( cubic meter(s) )
NOTE: Details from the Master Part List file.
Beam statistics
Ion Beam
Mount Medium
Damage 100 (VSD/second)
Long Range Integrity 0.25 (/1)
Phase Damage 20 (VSD/second)
Range 4,500 (meters)
Energy Usage Rate 2000 (MJ/second)
Beam Stability 0.6 (seconds)
Refire Delay 0.6 (seconds)