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thumb_arrow_up.png Beam
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This Highborn Milspec weapon was designed alongside the Lancelot superiority fighter. If nearly equivalent in fundamental design principles, its implementation and engineering is superior in nearly every respect to the Disruptor Beams it shares a common origin with. In keeping with the naming of the ship it was co-designed with, the Shield Breaker is well suited to render any shield within reach quite humbled in but a small number of lancing blows.

Purchasing data
Shield Breaker
Average price
Mass ( metric ton(s) )
Space requirements ( cubic meter(s) )
NOTE: Details from the Master Part List file.
Beam statistics
Shield Breaker
Mount heavy
Damage 500 (VSD/second)
Long Range Integrity 0.8 (/1)
Phase Damage (VSD/second)
Range 6200 (meters)
Energy Usage Rate 6000 (MJ/second)
Beam Stability 0.35 (seconds)
Refire Delay 0.4 (seconds)