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Development & Modding

Developer information pages

General information on contribution:

Status/task list pages

Artistic Contribution

Art Guidelines

Please read this Development:Graphics_Requirements page first before continuing to the specific requirements. See also: Links:Graphic_Applications and Links:3D_Applications for applications listings.

Further, the Art Style Guides might prove useful during your creationist endeavors.


There are also guidelines for sound and music creation available in Development:Audio.

3D Models

The modeling related information is just being restructured.

Space Scapes


  • Creating Cargo Graphics - Images to be displayed in the trading interface for cargo items.
    • Cargo - Detailed descriptions of cargo items, listed by category.
  • Faction Balancing - General guidelines to keep in mind when play balancing the Vega Strike factions.

Other Graphics

Python Scripting

Quests & Campaigns

Other Scripts

Data Modding

Game Assets




Modding Tools

Front End

Vega Strike The Game Mechanisms

Code-related Development

  • Dependencies - A guide to system dependencies, broken down by subsystem.
  • SVN Tree - A guide to the layout of the Subversion tree.
  • Code style - A guide/manual to write code for Vegastrike that fits in and is readable.
  • Network - Everything network related goes in here.
    • Packet format - A description of the packet format that had been implemented a few years ago.
    • Todo - What still needs to be done.
    • Testing - Testing the network code.
  • Keyboard layout - Discuss and display new keyboard layouts here.

See also