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Artwork, Modding, Modeling, etc

  • Howto:MOD - You want to create your own mod for VS? Start here.
  • Ship/Unit related
    • Howto:Create Ships in Wings3D - Create a 3D-model of your ship/station/...
    • VsHowtoEditUnitFiles - Howto edit the xunit file of a ship + syntax explanation.
    • VsHowtoEditMeshFiles - Howto edit xmesh files for a ship + syntax explanation.
    • VsHowtoEditHuds - Howto edit HUDs, placing radars, ...
    • VsHowtoCreateCockpitsWings - Create a 3D-cockpit for your ship.
    • VsHowtoTextureInWings - Texture your 3D model.
    • VsHowtoMakeEngineGlow - Add engine glow to your 3D model.
    • VsHowtoAddPerPixelLighting - Add per pixel lighning to your 3D model.
    • VsHowtoMakeWarpTrails - How to make it so that autopiloting leaves behind star dust.
    • VsHowtoMakeAnimatedTextures - Use animated textures on a model.
  • VsHowtoMakeWeapons - Add new weapons to the game.
  • VsHowtoEditSystems - Create/edit star systems.
  • VsHowtoMakeSystemBackgrounds - Generate cubic/sphere backgrounds for star systems.
  • VsHowtoMakeSplashScreens - How to make splash screens that display at startup
  • VsHowtoMakeBaseBackgrounds - How to make backgrounds for bases/capships. (See also this thread)
  • Info related
    • VsHowtoAddDescriptions - Put ship and goods descriptions into the game.
    • VsHowtoAddConversations - Add some more conversation lines to the game.
  • Mission/Event related
    • VsHowtoEditMissions - Create/edit your own missions.
    • VsHowtoEditNews - Create/edit news events.

Installing, Compiling, Programming, etc

(see also FAQ:Installing)

  • See also [VsModsVegastrike#Programming]
  • See also VsHowtoEditMissions from the artwork section above -> (Vegastrike Python references)
  • VsHowtoUseGdb
  • VS-CVS (many tips/hints in this Howtos will works for the other OS as well):
    • VsHowtoCheckoutCvs - Howto Checkout Vegastrike CVS modules with various programs.
    • VsHowtoCompileCvs - Howto compile CVS under Linux/<insert you favourite unixlike OS>.
    • VsHowtoCompileCvsCygwin - Howto compile CVS under cygwin (Windows).
    • VsHowtoCompileCvsVcpp - Howto compile CVS with Visual C++ x.x (Windows).
  • Wings
    • VsHowtoCompileCvsWings - Howto compile CVS version of wings3d (Linux).
    • VsHowtoInstallWings - How to (normaly) install wings and the xmesh plugin.

See also

  • For related Tools see the Links section.