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This Player’s Guide is dedicated to Daniel ‘Hellcatv’ Horn and the Vega Strike development team for bringing us the Vega Strike game; to the coders, artists, designers and play-testers willing to devote their own time and effort to the creation of a great game; and of course to the players of Vega Strike, without whom this whole thing would be a pointless exercise.


WELCOME to Vega Strike, a 3d OpenGL spaceflight simulator being developed for multi-platform play.

Vega Strike allows players to explore a vastly dynamic universe where frontiers collide and you're just a pilot trying to make ends meet. How? That's your decision. Vega Strike is designed as a non-linear gaming experience, where you choose what action you want to take.

Vega Strike features a dynamic trading economy, allowing your character to operate as a merchant. Discover what trade routes bring in the most profit, what commodities make you the most money given your ship's cargo space limitations, accept cargo missions and learn to avoid areas of danger (repairs eat into your profits!).

If you are tired of making money on milk runs, or want to try something different, then there are other paths to success. Vega Strike features a mission generator, providing multiple missions to the experienced (and not so experienced) pilots. Engage in bounty hunting, patrols, battles and escort missions. Feel like traveling? Explore the dynamic universe and see the farthest reaches of known space. Want a walk on the wild side? You could always turn pirate! Just be prepared for the consequences.

Your ship just not doing the job you want it to? Vega Strike gives you the ability to purchase from a wide variety of ships capable of doing different jobs. Want to haul cargo? Fight battles? There's a ship for you. Your ship is fully customizable, so if you've got the credit, outfit your craft with the right tools for the job at hand.

Have a chat with the bartender or view the news broadcasts to find out what's going on in the universe. While you're there, talk to the fixers, they may have a job that only you can do. But be warned, you never know where it may lead ...

  • License The license Vega Strike is released under (please do not edit)
  • Mission The Vega Strike Mission Statement (what it's all about)
  • Features Why Vega Strike is the best game ever made
  • Credits The people who are making it happen

Winner of the Jeux (games) category of the Trophees Du Libre 2003. Link


Your guides on how to install, configure and start playing Vega Strike.

If you're new to Vegastrike you can also follow the New users guide.




How to Interact with Vega Strike.




Flying & Navigation






and more



For information about species/factions/ships/terms please refer to the online Database

Printable version of the manual

There is a v 0.4.3 PDF version of the information on this site (with some additional info too) available for download by clicking on the link below (current size 1.3 MB):

SVN Vega Strike Player's Guide (PDF)


Manual notes

As you read through this manual, you will note references to various keys. These key references appear as: W_EN.png referring to the w key; SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png + W_EN.png referring to the capitalized letter W. CTRL_EN.png + W_EN.png refers to pressing both the Control and w key simultaneously.

References to [KP] refer to using the buttons on the KeyPad. Buttons appearing onscreen are noted in a similar fashion.

If there are no key graphics available (yet ;) ) the keys will be represented by something like this: [Shift]+[W]

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