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Universe Background

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Primary liquid bodies:

Average temperature of homeworld (pre-industrialization):


Primary challenges (pre-industrialization):




Skeletal system:

Major divisions:




Textural appearance:


Style Overview


Primary distinguishing color ranges:

Common accent colors:

Primary lighting color:

Frequently visible:

Rarely visible:

Seen inside, but not out:

Moving parts(non-turret):

Capital vs. light craft:

Cultural Aesthetics

The LIHW are a disjointed lot, and their craft designs showcase this. Aside from post-facto colorations, there is precious little visual cohesion among the design aesthetics of LIHW craft. What can be said of them having something in common is not a property of intentional aesthetics, but the impact of limited infrastructure and substandard economics. LIHW craft tend to be constructed at inferior manufacturing facilities, and make heavy use of cheaper, and/or outdated technologies. Such things as radiator surfaces and other common subsystems tend to take up more space to compensate for decreased efficiencies while maintaining compatibility with assorted internals and weapons systems brought in from more affluent groups. The economics of the LIHW are particularly apparent in their civilian craft, which are infrequently replaced, and will remain in service as long as feasible. Personal craft ownership in the LIHW is much lower than in the other Confederation members, and insystem craft more common. The military vessels produced within the LIHW tend to come from more developed LIHW member systems, but are dispersed throughout the LIHW and other worlds, generally being kept in rear-guard positions so as to allow more effective craft to be moved to the front lines (it also helps that LIHW craft orbiting a non-LIHW world are perceived as somewhat less threatening to sovereignty than an equivalent force from one of the larger Confederation member states). As such, the level of maintenance that LIHW military craft receive is highly variable based upon deployment location.






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Key Features

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Textual Descriptions

  • Capybara
It's basically a space bus/commuter-train/etc. Think light-rail metro style usage only interplanetary instead of extended metropolitan area.

It's a design that's supposed to come out of the LIHW, so there's no need for it to heavily match any of the other styles. It's a bus-type thing for people who can't afford their own shuttles, and they'll be presumed to be a little wear-worn, so it shouldn't look fresh and minty, but other than that, new guy can go to town on it. :)

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