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League of Independent Human Worlds

Faction data
Species Human
Homeworld (Origin) Earth

League of Independent Human Worlds

Scattered across the frontiers of known space are many worlds housing minor subsets of humanity which hold no place among the larger meme-group entities.

Humanity has, throughout the past, been an oft balkanized lot. While the bulk of human power and population has, for various reasons, aligned itself with one of the major or minor meme-groups there are many colonies, that, for reasons of either intense pluralism or adherence to a tertiary meme-group have remained independent.

  • examples of such being the inhabitants of Vegan-ville, or the citizens of the "Brotherhood of Militant Agnostics" (motto: "I don't know, and neither do you!")

But in the wake of the Mankind's first notable interstellar fraternal conflict--the demolishing of the Lightbearers by the Andolians--and the efforts which followed in the founding of the Confed, whose membership consists of the major meme-groups, the bulk of the lesser subsets realized that--while they may not get along all that well with each other--if they did not in some way present a united front of resistance, they would likely be consumed by the major meme-groups. As such, they joined the Confed united as the League of Independent Human Worlds (LIHW), and, counter-intuitively, gained, through their co-operation, a guarantee of protection of their individual and often separatist modes of life.

Those that did not band together or exit en mass to Forsaken space, are now only records in history books, having been overrun, subverted, co-opted, or in other ways gobbled up by the major meme-groups.

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