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Color variables

The color variables are set in their respective sections between the <colors> and the </colors> tags.

The color variables look like this:

<color name="NAME" r="NUM" g="NUM" b="NUM" a="NUM" />

or like this, if referring to a color in another section:

<color name="NAME" section="SECTION" ref="NAME" />

FIXME Are the 2 types interchangeable (for the same variable)?

"nav" section

  • destination_system [rgba] - FIXME

"absolute" section

Sets absolute colors used for reference? FIXME Add defaults.

  • red [rgba]
  • green [rgba]
  • blue [rgba]
  • yellow [rgba]
  • black [rgba]
  • white [rgba]
  • grey [rgba]
  • light-grey [rgba]
  • pink [rgba]
  • dark-red [rgba]
  • dark-blue [rgba]

"unit" section

Light to use for ships.

  • ship_ambient [rgba] - Ambient light used for ship model rendering?
  • engine [rgba] - Engine color?

"terrain" section

  • terrain_ambient [rgba] - Ambient light used for terrain rendering (what terrain)?

"default" section

Colors to use in radar/target rectangles.

  • enemy [ref] - Enemy ship, based on player stats faction<0?
  • friend [ref] - Friend ship, based on player stats faction>0?
  • neutral [ref] - Neutral ship, based on player stats faction=0?
  • attacking_ship [ref] - Ship attacking you.
  • locking_ship [ref] - Ship with missiles locked on?
  • targetting_ship [ref] - Ship targetting you?
  • target [ref] - Target, whether ship or planet, etc.?
  • planet [ref] - Any planet?
  • docking_box [ref] - Docking boxes for showing available docking areas.
  • black_and_white [ref] - FIXME
  • planet_ambient [rgba] - Ambient light used when rendering planets?
  • planet_mat_ambient [rgba] - FIXME
  • planet_mat_diffuse [rgba] - FIXME
  • planet_mat_specular [rgba] - FIXME
  • planet_mat_emmissive [rgba] - FIXME
  • space_background [ref] - The color of the void of space.
    • set this to "dark-blue" to get the real spacey feeling