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NPC , Non Playable Characters in Vega Strike FIXME

Let's see who are the NPC in our vegastrike universe !

And how they influence the Gameplay ( fight , economy , quests , communications )


ToDO :

  • List the actual pros and cons , give links to forum threads .
  • Give some scripts exerpts .
  • Propose ideas for future NPC dev


ToDO !


ToDO ( next section describe it well in the near future )


Thinking some more on basic categories for NPCs, there are

  • Universe level: noteworthy characters in the VS universe you might have some reason to interact with (heads of state, famous terrorists, individuals who played/will play key roles in previous/later events or events otherwise outside of player control, etc.)

... ...

  • Time-period specific NPCs: Potentially non-specific people occupying particular positions of interest, and a hodgepodge of assorted flavor characters to give the universe a lived-in feeling and different parts of it different flavors. These people may offer specific types of quests, but not specific quests, and may not have any non-dialog interactions at all. They'll be around whatever path you take, and won't influence your particular path. Not high-priority. Examples: Unique bar patrons, traveling merchants (that actually travel), some minor regional military commanders, uncommon fixers, travelling fixers, minor celebrities (that you can kill off or allow to die, etc. without screwing up the future history). Good subjects for news-stories.

... ...

  • Generic NPCs: Interchangeable fixers, bar patrons, random inhabitants, bartenders, etc. Examples: Bounty fixer, Patrol fixer, Merchant Fixer

... ...

  • Ephemeral campaign NPCs: Specific individuals pertaining to a quest that exist (practically speaking) only for the duration of the quest. Before the quest, they don't appear. After the quest they don't appear. Example: Red-shirt wingman provided by mission-giver as assistant. Might have interesting dialog and distinct personality. Probably has a name. Might even not get blown up, but you're never going to see that NPC outside of the context of the particular quest or quest-line.
  • Persistent campaign NPCs: NPCs whose persistent residence in the universe must be taken into account. You might only be able to interact with them in limited ways outside of particular quest lines, but their presence in the game universe persists in some palpable ways outside of the quest line itself.
From ' jacks ' in ' Dramatis Personae .