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Page splitup discussion

  • Pontiac, responding to the attention: breaking the page up, I'd suggest the first page remain the GUI section, being the basic section most people will play with to configure the game. A second page should be Advanced Configuring, including the keybindings pages, and section explanations. Maybe even to the point of subpaging section explanations e.g. Manual Config File syntax Physics, Graphics etc. The idea for Physics, Graphics sections was to provide a basic and plain explanation of the settings used, for someone to tinker 'under the hood' with. Silverain 15:33, 18 Apr 2005 (PDT)
    • Pontiac 01:41, 19 Apr 2005 (PDT) That's a good idea.
      So how would something like this look?....
      • Manual:Config - Handling of the setup program
        • Manual:Config:Advanced - Editing the config-file (syntax) and other advanced configuration issues... linking to the below pages.
          • Manual:Config:Advanced:Bindings (maybe the "Advanced:" part could be removed?)
          • Manual:Config:Advanced:Variables
          • Manual:Config:Advanced:Variables:<Sectionname> (if needed)
    • Silverain 16:05, 19 Apr 2005 (PDT) I'd agree with these pages. Advanced would be summary page denoting that following pages are for advanced configuration of the game beyond basic requirements, and explanation of configuration terms. Then maybe a list of appropriate advanced pages. Advanced Bindings would be summary of bindings, and contain the current Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick pages... and so on down the line.
      • Pontiac 00:40, 20 Apr 2005 (PDT) -- OK, i'll split 'em up that way.