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  • lee: The names listed seem to appear in the HUD. Please see also:
    • Pontiac I think what JackS tries to tell is that this is not how it will be in the future since this are only internal names. These names and descriptions may be changed anyway in the not so far future.
      A good example is the "Mars" planet type. AFAIK it's just there to help fine-tune the planet Mars in the sol system and nothing more :-/ ....not good for classification (and for a manual/documentation for that matter) if you ask me.
      • lee Hm, then it seems better to wait until the actual names are out before any more descriptions are added?
        • Silverain 15:59, 2 May 2005 (PDT) As to that, pages can be 'moved' (editing the page name), so if 'Trantor' becomes something else officially, its no problem.
  • jackS 00:30, 3 May 2005 (PDT)While the internal/external nature of names is easy enough to correct via page moves, far more important is the fact that the particular characteristics of the set of planetary types are still fluid and not merely the number thereof. It is premature to expend energy trying to describe the shifting set of planet types.
  • Mitrovarr 14:25, 7 Aug 2006 (PDT)I recommend changing the title of Bio_Diverse planets in game to "Terrestrial" or "Terran". It makes a lot of sense from an astrobiological point of view to define the division between 'bio diverse' and 'bio simple' as being multicellular vs. monocellular, but that would make all inhabited planets with ecosystems and agriculture bio diverse. As such, using Bio Diverse as a category with Arid, Ice, Terran(current Bio_Diverse), University, Tropical, and any other world with a complex carbon-based water-solvent ecosytem as subunits of that category makes the most sense.