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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) 275 metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Purists
Known Major Variants: Security Enforcer
Tenure of Service: Recent
Utilization: Confederation, Purists, Homeland Security, Keepers

Role Details
Role Summary: Fighter (Assault)

Role Details: Standard
The Admonisher class, outfitted as an assault craft, is somewhat light on total torpedo ordinance and lacks mounted weapons large enough to pose any real threat to anything larger than the smallest sub-capital ships. However, it is notably more nimble and better suited to the task of engaging enemy interceptors than its larger bomber cousins. As such, it is not always clear whether the Admonishers in an assault group are being escorted, or are themselves escorts. However, if they cannot compete with true bombers for payload, their torpedos are nonetheless a welcome addition to any attack. The Admonisher class shines most brightly in smaller engagements, where its lack of specialization is a boon rather than a curse, leading minimally escorted strikes against sub-capital vessels being used as raiders or pickets.

Security Enforcer

The Homeland Security forces have adopted a modified Admonisher build as the mainstay of their forces. Equipped solely with disabling weaponry, this vessel is not a threat to military craft, but in engagements against civilians or forces belonging to tertiary powers, the survivability of the craft is excellent.

Combat Behavior: Standard:

Used to augment wings of heavier assault craft, to provide additional support with fighter capabilities, or as the primary assault craft against smaller vessels.

Security Enforcer:

Used to scan, pursue, and disable small craft deemed to be violating regulations. Lacks appropriate fixed weaponry for heavy engagements, and lacks appropriate ordinance for assault duties.

Comments: The Admonisher class was brought into service by the Purists to replace the aging Pacifier class assault craft. A reduction in torpedo payload is compensated for by superior handling and technological improvements.