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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Andolian Protectorate Klk'k
Known Major Variants: Optimizations for particular cargo types, defensive armament for more hazardous routes
Tenure of Service: Old
Utilization: Klk'k, Andolian Protectorate

Role Details
Role Summary: Interstellar large cargo transport

Role Details: The Andolians had, and continue to have, a sufficiently large and highly cohesive internal economy to prevent the ISMG, and the CMT before it, from imposing a near monopoly on the transport of civilian goods, as the Merchants did in other areas. The Andolians, therefore, have their own bulk transport craft. Far smaller than an Elephant class, larger, but less specialized for only hauling container cargo than an Ox, the Beauvoir is a solid, if not overly modernized transport vessel, that meets the needs of the Andolian Protectorate.

Combat Behavior: Civilian craft. Unarmed, or with PD emplacements only. Negligible offensive capabilities.