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Performance Statistics
Mass (empty) metric tons
Length meters
Manufacturing Details
Manufacturing Faction: Interstellar Church of True Form's Return (and affiliated entities, primarily Purist)
Known Major Variants: None
Tenure of Service:
Utilization: Interstellar Church of True Form's Return

Role Details
Role Summary: Longstanding in-system attack craft (fighter) design used by the Interstellar Church of True Form's Return. Design derived from even older Purist Aerospace frame leaked by Purist Luddite sympathizers.

Role Details:

Combat Behavior:

Comments: The Luddites, being by their nature not given to grand industrialization, rely on a small number of hidden facilities and sympathetic manufacturing plants to supply them with ships. The Redeemer bears the distinction of being the only class of spacecraft officially sanctioned by the reverend Sverde, who, when presented with its initial designs 45 years ago, said that prayer had revealed to her that that this was to be the "shepherds crook" by which man's sins would be constrained. Inexpensive, even at the time of its introduction, the Redeemer remains a utilitarian craft well suited to the production schedules of backwater worlds.