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Jump Point

jumpam7.png On this image, you can see a Jump Point Controlled by the Confed (Green).


A Jump Point is a location where space-time has been distorted in such a way as to allow for the efficient opening (via Jump Drives) of a shortcut between said location and another specific location, usually in another star system. Jump Points appear to be of artificial construction, connecting a large number of star systems in a network that would appear to pre-date any known extant sapient species. The construction of the jump network is therefore surmised to be the work of either the Ancients or TWHON, and the particular means or mechanisms by which these points in space were connected and continue to be connected remains a topic of significant research interest, but limited findings.

Transit via jump points is the primary means of interstellar travel, and jump points are thus of significant military and economic importance.

As inactive jump points cannot be perceived by the unaided senses of any known living creatures, known jump points coordinates are denoted by a virtual image in your HUD.

Jump Point Color Coding

Jump Points are Color-Coded based on the faction in control of the system from which you are jumping:

Green: Confed Space

Purple: Rlaan Space

Light Blue: Aeran Space

Red: ISO Space

Yellow: Uln Space

Rainbow: FIXME

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