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Engine Documentation for Modders

If you're a modder and looking for engine info, this is the place. If it looks incomplete, casual, apathetic, it's because it is. Well, this is better than what there was before... zip nothing. Hopefully this WIKI section will grow, grow, and then grow some more, until it catches up with the vegastrike engine. In the meantime, there's a slight chance you might find what you're looking for here. If not, probably the best way to go is to edit this page to add the section or category you're interested in, put whatever data you can find in it, and then ask the devs to fill in the rest.

CONFVAR - Configuration variables in vegastrike.config

CPPPY - C++ functions available to Python

CPPCODE - C++ code organization, data flow charts, time charts

DOXYGEN DOCUMENTATION - C++ source code documentation, in .html format