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This page is meant to provide a platform for campaign, mission, and quest & adventure programmers to describe the python scripting mechanisms and merge their ideas and best practices...

Campaigns, Missions, Quests & Adventures


Campaigns describe the overall plot in which the player is involved. From the campaigns various missions are given depending on the progress of the universe and its various conditions.

For more information, head over to Development:Campaigns.


Missions can be nodes of a campaign or independent missions available through fixers or the mission interface.

For mission editing, refer to Development:Missions.

Quests and Adventures

Quests are equivalent to adventures and are independent events that happen in specific systems when the player is there.

A description on creating quests can be found in Development:Quests.

Common References

Python scripting reference for campaigns, missions, and quests.


Summary about Python-Vegastrike Class Relationships

Python - Vega Strike Bindings

Python Inheritance with AI Scripts

Implementation References

VegaStrike C++ Functions Listing

VegaStrike Python Functions Listing

Useful Python Functions

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