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thumb_arrow_up.png Development

A rebalance of all the units in CVS is currently underway. You can see information on the rebalance and track its status through this page.


The bulk of what we set out to do is done, and should be properly in cvs soon. What's left is to add the new upgrade types and to do some pretty serious playtesting (while I've playtested till my brain failed, the lack of proper weapons on the ships may have distorted my interpretation ... furthermore, only me and petey have actually playtested to any big extent). Note: We are only talking about pilotable ships, see the FAQ for details.

Task List

Original Tasks

  • Playtest for maneuverability
    • Status: Complete
    • Note: It may be best to wait till weapons are done to do it again
  • Confirm cargo space allocations
    • Status: Complete
  • Confirm upgrade space allocations
    • Status: Complete
    • Note: Tweaking may be needed when upgrade types replaced
    • Note: Best to wait untill after weapons etc are complete
  • Replace old upgrade types with new upgrade types
    • Status: Complete
    • Note: User patches have helped this along well!
  • Adjust the ship ratings
    • Status: Abandoned
    • Note: Engine's upgrade system is not finished enough to allow this
  • Add self dock to capable ships
    • Status: Abandoned
    • Note: Seems unnecessary for vegastrike at this stage. Maybe later

Current Tasks

  • Recreate weapons
    • Status: Done
  • Fix broken millspec ships
    • Status: Done
  • Fix capship turrets
    • Status: TODO?
    • Note: Are they even still broken?
  • Fix base turrets, docks etc
    • Status: Done
  • Fix new upgrades
    • Status: Almost Done
    • Note: Testing, and re-pricing/availability config


Q: !

A: Yes, i did say it'd be done ages ago.

Q: !?

A: Yes, I have missed my own deadlines on it twice.

Q: ??

A: It'll get here when it gets here. Current completion plan is March. With help, there should be no problem making it.

Q: So what have you been doing all this time?

A: Working, studying, stressing, dying, sleeping and eating ... hasn't left much room for VS this past 4 months. Most of you understand, those of you who don't, you will eventually.

Q: So what can I do to help?

A: Look at the Task List, announce you're looking at it, and get working :)

Q: Hey, what about capships?

A: I was never intending to balance capships this round ... if someone is serious about it, then sure, go ahead, but it'll be done for the release after at any rate.

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