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My game has crashed. What do i do?

  • First step would be to find stdout.txt and stderr.txt and see if there are any errors or warnings.
  • You may also run vegastrike --debug=3 with a more comprehensive debug level. Submit stdout.txt and stderr.txt.
  • Finally, you could run vegastrike in a debugger and submit the debug output. Here are instructions for Linux and Windows.

I have run the debug as indicated above, but don't understand the gibberish. What now?

Please submit the text files with the debug output including the VS engine version you are playing, your operating system (Linux/OSX/WIndows/32bit/64bit), your graphics card make and model. Ideally it would help to know what you were doing when the game crashed (docking, launching, loading, saving, viewing the map, ...), and if the crash is reproducible with the same circumstances.

I'm on a Mac, running OSX.1.5. When I launch the game I end up in a dock or whatever and the graphics are all scrambled. I have like a horizon-like view of my ship going back from the bottom of the screen to the top. I cannot READ anything. Whats that about?

A: This problem has been carefully documented and annoyed about.

There's nothing we can do about this problem.

It's an ATI Rage Mac problem, and an ATI linux problem...

It doesn't occur on the same hardware in windows..and it doesn't occur on any other hardware period. So the best thing I can advise is use the right mouse button (or if you have one control click) to cycle through the options at the bases if you want to see what the bases SHOULD look like you can open up the jpeg files in the view contents section of the VegaStrike0.3.0.app (see the bugs-forum for more detail)

WORKAROUND (used successfully on an iBook with ATI card):

The problem seems to occur when the texture sizes overwhelm the available texture memory on the graphic card. This can be alleviated by lowering the resolution (and therefore the graphics memory usage).

In other words, try running at 512x384 by editing the vegastrike.config file, if that works keep increasing the resolution until you find one that works you can comfortably play at.

-- Aegidian

When i run Vegastrike under linux i get an error similar with that below, what should i do?

vegastrike WARNING: no section/variable/color named drawNavSymbol Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)


  • run Vegastrike in gdb:
gdb ./vegastrike
  • when Vegastrike dies type: backtrace full
  • post the results in the Bug Triage Forum at the Vegastrike Homepage

More about the usage of gdb is under HowTo:Use GDB

What should I do if in Windows XP, the game crashes immediately, or works only if it is on "Music Only" or "No Sound" modes in Setup?

A: It is very easy:

  • Go to your Vega Strike folder (If you are really lost and can't find the vegastrike folder, find the Vegastrike Setup program in the start menu, right click on it and go to properties. Then click on the "Find Target" button.)
  • Double-click on the OpenALwEAX.exe program (The icon has an orange diamond with a blue ball inside it).
  • Go through the steps by clicking the Next button.
  • Play Vega Strike.

Sometimes you have to delete the openal32.dll (an old one)from your vegastrike/bin directory to prevent VS from crashing. There shouldn't be one (only VS0.4.0 has them with it, but you never know).

When docked i don't have a mouse pointer. Why is that?

A: see Q1 above

You may want to change to the "Hardware Cursor" option in the "MousePointer" list in the Setup/Options menu.

Moving around at all with SPEC on makes the game segfault immediately, what's wrong?

A: This is a problem with the ATi Linux drivers, which currently crash if you ask them to draw a line. The fix is to use the DRI project's drivers if possible, the best known workaround is to change

<var name="star_streaks" value="true"/>


<var name="star_streaks" value="false"/>

in vegastrike.config.

In Linux, whenever VS is in fullscreen the image is crappy: it looks like an old DOS game that used interlaced settings (one line printed, one line blank) that is pretty much impossible to read on. How do I fix it?

A: This is a problem with X or the SDL... outside control of VegaStrike. But there is a workaround: Find, in vegastrike.config:

#cat Resolution 1600x1200 1280x1024 1024x768 800x600 640x480 512x384

Add to the list of resolutions the exact resolution of your desktop, if it isn't there. Next, find:

<!-- #512x384
			<var name="x_resolution" value="512"/>
			<var name="y_resolution" value="384"/>
#end -->

Create another copy of it to accommodate your newly created setting, like this:

<!-- #512x384
			<var name="x_resolution" value="512"/>
			<var name="y_resolution" value="384"/>
#end -->
<!-- #1152x854
			<var name="x_resolution" value="1152"/>
			<var name="y_resolution" value="854"/>
#end -->

Now start vssetup, and select that resolution. It should now work. Alternatively, if vssetup doesn't work for you, just edit the active entry (the one not commented out - where

you see
<!-- #800x600 -->
instead of
<!-- #800x600

In linux, with an nVidia graphics card, I see weird things over some planets.

Weird, as in [here]. Check you drivers. Anything between version 169 and 173 (inclusive) has a known bug when loading the DXT5 textures used by VS. Upgrade your drivers to at least 174 and it should be fixed.

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